You may be eligible for early childcare reimbursement based on your family income and situation.  The process for application is very simple and the government notifies you within 2-6 weeks of your eligibility.  Reimbursement can be up to 75% of our fee.

For more information on this process please see the following government literature:           

Don't Fret Many Payment Plans Available!


We are available

Monday to Friday 7:00 to 18:00 drop off is between 7:00-7:45 and 8:00-8:30 unless otherwise discussed.  

We are closed the following dates in 2021

January 29 until 10:30

March 12

April 2-5

May 24

June 25

July 1-2

August 16-20

August 30-31 late opening for first day of school

September 6

October 11

November 19

December 23-31

Fees Prior to your reimbursement from the government:

Full time childcare is 900.00$/month including all holidays

Part time 550.00$/month for a total of 12 days per month with a minimum of 2 days per week.

All fees include snacks and lunch.

Sibling PED day and Holiday childcare 45.00$/day for kindergarten to grade 6.

Winter Holiday Break and March Break 190.00$/week for siblings 

AfterCare 20.00$/hr/family for all childcare after 18:00

Drop in with 24 hour notice 50.00$/day

Drop in with morning notice 60.00$/day

Payments made the 1st/15th of each month *other options available upon discussion, we work with all types of situations....we're also human!!!!


We enjoy at least two hours of outdoor time per day.  Appropriate outdoor clothing is a must so your little dude or dudette can enjoy the fresh air as much as possible!!


Please Contact for Full Contract Policies regarding late pickups, payment plans, illnesses, and more.

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