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We Try and Keep the day going smoothly with lots of love, fun, and crazy time!

Here's a bit of what our day is like

Fully bilingual environment

7:00-8:30 Arrival and play time with friends
Clean up 
Morning Calendar, Days of the Week, what number is today, month, what did you have for breakfast, what is the weather?
Time to burn some energy outside or with an obstacle course, trampoline, kidilates, dancing, and going nuts! (morning nap for infants)
Snack Time 
Individual Work time and relaxed play, worksheets once a week, counting, letter, number, shape, colour recognition, patterns, opposites, general kindergarten preparedness
Daily Activity
Clean up and brush teeth
Relax roughly between 12:30-2
Free Play
Homework For Big Kids and End of Day Calendar for our little guys-is the weather the same, what was your favourite part of the day, what part of the day do you wish you could change?
Time to get outside
We come back in around 4:30-4:45 for some quiet play while everyone gets picked up.  Pickup during summer months is usually at Strathearn Park

Summer Schedule

7:00-8:30 Arrival and Play Time with Friends
8:30-45 Sunscreen, pack bags for morning out
8:45-9:30 Park Time and Picnic Snack
9:30-45 Head to swimming pool
9:45-11:00 Swimming Lessons for those who have signed up, free swim in little pool for the rest of us!
11:00-15 Change and Head back for lunch
11:150-30 Wash hands, hang towels to dry
11:30-45 Get Lunch ready!
11:45-12:30 Lunch Time
12:30-45 Teeth and cleanup
12:34-2 Relaxation
2:00-15 Sunscreen, bags packed
2:15-30 Head back to pool (hot days) or Sprinklers
2:30-3:15 Swimming or Sprinklers
3:15-30 Snack and change
3:30-45 Head to Park, bike riding, soccer, baseball, basketball, frisby, street hockey
3:45-5:45 Park and Pickup


Our menu changes with the seasons.  Bread is whole grain, all food is refined sugar free (except for special occasions...gotta have that cake!!) and as natural and healthy as possible.  Our snacks usually include muffins, cheese and crackers, lots of fruit and veggies, and special treats for special days!  

Here's a taste of what We Taste!

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Chile
Egg and homemade salsa burrito
Oatmeal brunch cakes (they'll eat anything with the word cake!)
Homemade Pea Soup

We are NOT peanut free.

Vegan chocolate, caramel cake with coconut whipped cream....To Die For!!!!!
Homemade seed bread with hard boiled eggs, maple, balsamic vinaigrette
Homemade Flax crackers