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Yes that is an M&M mustache...that being said it was delicious and well worth it after making haunted cookie houses right before Halloween!

I'm Tara-the one with the mustache.  I have been hanging out with little guys at my home daycare for over 7 years!  I'm a mum of 3 wildlings and we live in Montreal West.

When my daughter was about 11 months old I started looking for a daycare for when I had school.  I was finishing a degree in Theology and despite my dreams of bringing her everywhere..I needed a daycare.  Sure there are tons, sure the caregivers are amazing on paper, qualified, mature, responsible; but something was missing.  I wanted somewhere where my daughter could grow, laugh, love, learn, eat, and make new friends without even realizing it.  So the birth of my home daycare came to be.

We definitely laugh, I can promise you we grow, we love, learn, and most importantly we EAT!!!  We love cooking delicious exotic foods like, wait for it, homemade macaroni, I know so exotic.  But for real, we eat curries, Mexican stir fry, vegan meatloaf, and raw desserts.  We luuuuuuuuv to eat!

We also love to go on adventures, to the beach, hiking through Zombie Mountain (Mount Royal ;) ), out for ice cream on those really hot days, to a play, or a museum.  Keeping our minds and bodies as fresh and ready for anything!

I love Montreal West.  I grew up here, I went to Edinburgh and Royal West.  I played soccer, was on the swim team, went to daycamp, and sat on the ledge next to Mini Cout eating freezies.  I'm a Girl Guide leader with MY Brown Owl, I coach my kids soccer teams, and organize the Curzon Preschool Auction.  Being involved in this amazing community is such a gift and I get to meet so many amazing families.

On top of all that fun stuff I'm in school full time in the evenings studying event planning.  Doing this program has really humbled me in many ways.  And being a student in kinda cool!!!

As you can see we're a busy family and that's how we love it!!